SuperPoke! Pets ~ Virtual Pet Game

Many people, both kids and adults, agree that SuperPoke! Pets is one of the most addicting games on the Internet. A little similar to Neopets, SuperPoke! Pets is a game where your goal is to care for your pet. Everyday, you must clean, feed, tickle, and play with your pet. (If you fail to do this, your pet won’t die, but it will certainly be in bad condition)
To play, you must first sign-up, and if you confirm your email, you will receive 1,000 extra SPP! coins. These points can be used to purchase items for your pet and to decorate your home. Just like Neopets, there are tons of things to do to keep you entertained for hours.


You can choose one pet between twelve types of pets, such as a penguin, cat, panda, or turtle. As I said previously, in SuperPoke! Pets you must tend to your pet each and every day to keep it happy and healthy. Doing this accomplishes many goals or tasks that will reward you with extra SPP! coins and points. While coins are used as currency, points are used to determine which level you are. There are thirty-six levels to achieve, such as Shepard and Littlefoot. SPP! coins may also be used to purchase clothes for you pets.


SuperPoke! Pets has tons and tons of items that you can buy, with new ones being released every single week. Each item has a certain amount of stock, and once this amount reaches zero, that item is Sold Out. This is especially true for rare items, which run out fast. At the store, you can buy furniture, habitats, clothes, and seeds and fertilizer for your garden. There are also gold items, which you can not buy with SPP! coins. You must spend your own real money to buy gold in order to purchase these items. Typically, gold items are universally more liked than SPP! coin items.


On SuperPoke! Pets, there is a forum where you can trade, gift, and just socialize about anything. These forums are great for building your friend list with genuine friends and receiving (and giving!) free gifts from other people. If you pet other people’s animals, you will receive extra coins for the first time you do so each day. You can also join a single club and receive benefits such as freebies. After decorating your habitat, you can submit it to the gallery if you think it is worthy of receiving many votes. Your habitat will be compared to many other habitats and the one that is the best will be picked.

SuperPoke! Pets is a very social game. Without friends to aid you, it is impossible to achieve everything this game has to offer. If you choose to only do one thing, make it creating relationships with other players. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start playing this fantastic, family-friendly game!

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