Introduction to Free Fire Battlegrounds Characters

Garena International’s survival game, Free Fire Battlegrounds, has risen in popularity ever since its release in the market. In the game, you’re marooned on a distant island separated from the rest of the world; there you face off against 50 other players who are determined to take you down to emerge as the sole winner. Each game lasts for ten minutes and at the end players get rewarded with free fire battlegrounds diamonds.

Free Fire Battlegrounds lets you choose from some characters. This article provides a short introduction to all the characters available in the game to help you make the right choice.


Character Biography: Nikita is a 22-year-old professional bodyguard and a firearms expert. As a teenager, Nikita was a known air rifle marksman of her school. She is very agile and possesses sharp senses coupled with excellent aiming skills. To fulfill her objectives, Nikita infiltrated the Free Fire organization as a bodyguard. Now, she is assigned to the protective detail of Carolyn, the daughter of Free Fire organization’s Chairman, and is in charge of ensuring Carolyn’s safety wherever she goes.

Special ability: Nikita decreases the time taken to reload a Submachine to help you shoot faster.


Character Biography: An honest and resilient ex-police officer, Andrew is no stranger to hunting down lawbreakers and dangerous criminals. He wears a singlet which he also views as his lucky charm and believes that it has won him many of the fights in the past. He possesses an acute sense of justice and considers unmasking the truth hidden behind the layers of lies and deception as his true destiny.

Special ability: Andrew reduces the damage done to your vest, and it can withstand more bullet injuries to the torso.


Character Biography: Shimada Kiriko aka Kelly is a 17-year-old high school student who loves to run. Kelly’s passion for running has allowed her to become her school’s best sprinter who spends most of her free time on the track. She is not easily dithered by obstacles and believes in running forward, no matter the circumstances.

Special ability: Kelly can accelerate the pace of your sprint while running from one safe zone to another.


Character Biography: A 31-year-old hard-core Navy officer, Ford is a man with motives of his own. While he looks like an ordinary person, he’s hiding secrets of his own. He believes that action supersedes identity and is determined to fulfill his motives at any cost.

Special ability: Ford can decrease injuries sustained outside the safe zone.


Character Biography: Olivia is a 29-year-old professional nurse with a kind heart. She is a healer who believes in treating those in need and doesn’t discriminate between her friends and enemies. She makes an excellent and useful companion on the battlefield. Olivia possesses special healing powers which endow all her patients with strength.

Special ability: Players healed by Olivia receive extra HP.

Each character has its strengths which prove advantageous in certain situations. Therefore, it’s very important that you select a character carefully and wisely. Make sure that you keep always upgrade their skills and abilities to help you win the game.

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