How to Use Verizon Android as a Fire/Police Scanner

There is an application for nearly everything you want to do from your Verizon Android smartphone. You can even use is like a fire/police scanner. If you are a firefighter or other emergency personnel or just someone who is curious about what emergencies are going on in your area, there is an application for your Android phone that will give you up-to-date information.
Here is how to use the Verizon Android Phone as a Fire Scanner:

Step One: Download the “Scanner Radio” application from the Verizon Android Market. You can do this by using the slide up menu at the bottom of your Android screen. Go to “Market” and type in the words “Scanner Radio” to the search box in Market. Choose the application and download.

Step Two: Go to the drag up menu on the bottom of your Verizon Android cell phone and drag the screen upwards. Find the icon for the “Scanner Radio” and touch it. This will open the application so that you can set up the application to suit your needs. Not every county is available, but there are hundreds of them to choose from.

Step Three: Choose how you would like to look for the counties that you want to listen to. Once you find the county you are looking for, touch that option. This will open up the scanner radio. That doesn’t mean you will hear anything right away. It will only make sounds if there is an emergency in the area. You can leave this application open all the time on your Verizon Android smartphone if you wish to. It is wise to turn it off when you aren’t using it though because it will wear your battery down unless the phone is plugged in.

Step Four: Add the scanner areas to your favorites list by touching the soft key for the menu on the bottom of your Verizon Android phone. This is the icon that looks like lines going across a sheet of paper. This will give you the option to add the scanner to your favorites making it easier to find when you are looking for it.

Step Five: Add your favorite scanner areas to your desktop for easy access by long touching any area on the desktop of your Verizon Android phone. This will bring up the option for Widgets. Touch this option and find the scanner radios that you are looking for. Touch the icons for the scanner radios that you would like to add to the desktop. You will now easily be able to access those radios without having a lot of hassle to find it when you want to use the feature.

Step Six: Make sure that you turn the radio off when you are not using it so that it doesn’t run the battery down on your Verizon Android phone. You do this by simply touching the off button the radio. This will preserve your battery power for later. You can add a sleep timer to the radio by touching the menu soft key again. This will bring up the option. Choose the time you would like to wait before the scanner goes to sleep. This will help ensure that you don’t run the battery down on the phone by forgetting to turn the scanner off.

If you want to know what emergencies are happening in your area and where they are, this is a great application for your Verizon Android smartphone. You won’t have to worry about running into accident or other things that might hold you up in traffic either. This is one of the best applications available. It is called “Live Feed LLC” and you will get a lot of use out of it. It sure beats purchasing a separate scanner. You save money and you still get to hear what is going on around your area in relation to emergencies.

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