A Guide to Selecting the Right Smartphone

Buying a smartphone is more challenging than you may think. They weren’t all created equally, and I have a few ways to share with you to save you some trouble down the road.
I was first drawn into the smartphone world in a trip to get a new phone. Little did I know, I was in for a rough ride. Smartphones are a great asset if you know what you are doing, if not they can make for a lot of future frustration.

Which Model To Chose

This is the number one question that needs to be going through your head when you are looking at smartphones. When I bought my first smartphone I made the biggest mistake you could. I purchased the very first model of the line.

When companies produce smartphones, they are in a rush. Every company wants their product to hit the market before their competitors. For this reason, many bugs and glitches are overlooked. The result is the company puts out low quality phones. To make up for this, shortly after they put out the second model in that particular line. This model will have many of the major problems corrected. By the third model they should have most if not all of the bugs worked out.

Know What You Want

Knowing the features you want on your new smartphone will assist you greatly on selecting the right one for you. Sure a movie player would be cool to show off to your friends, but will you really watch movies on that small screen? Having a mp3 player on your phone sounds fun also, but isn’t that what you bought that short-lived battery Ipod for? A calander comes in handy, thats something most people don’t carry in their pocket. Need to check your email on the run? Do you need to access the web when your not at your desk?

Figure out some important features you need your smartphone to do and make a list. Once you have a list of needs, make a list of wants. Now try to find the smartphone with all the features you need, there may not be one but this should be your goal. After you find a smartphone with all the features you need, you can look for the features you want. This will help you find a smartphone you can use, rather than another bulge in your pocket.

Keeping your needs ahead of your wants, and staying away from the first model of the line will get you a smartphone worth your money. Why waste your hard earned money on something you won’t use?


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