8 ball pool hacks are useful for playing the game

Smartphone games have become very popular nowadays, and everyone has one particular game on their phone to get off from their boring schedule. 8 ball pool is one such game which is now available as application game and is pretty interesting who like to play pool. The game gives the feeling of the real pool, and you need not spare your time and go to any club to play the game.

About the game:

The game is pretty simple just that technique and skill matters and over time if you play you will get used to it. The game has a big board with six pockets and 15 balls. Two opponents play the game, and there are two groups of the ball. One is solid, and one is a striped ball. Opponents need to choose who is going with what and should make it clear initially. Well, there is a cue ball which is basically used to hit the other ball to drop it in the pockets. There is a black ball numbered 8 which has to be pocketed only after all the other balls of the team are pocketed as a matter of completion of the game. The skills of the game are basically how you hit the ball and from which angle you hit the ball. You can change positions according to your choice and hit from wherever you want. The only thing you should keep in mind is not to drop the opponent’s ball or the cue ball, which will amount to foul and thus you will lose your chances.

Tips to play:

Place the tip of your finger near about four inches from the ball, and the make your position erect and hit the ball.

Make your body position comfortable and focus on the ball to make the target clear. Slide the stick in your hand before you make your hit to make a sure aim.

Hack tools in the game:

The game is available on the play store, but I would prefer downloading Mod apk. of the game. One gets to an avail a lot more features compared to in the app. One has access to unlimited cash, achievements are already unlocked, and one can play a higher level if they wish to. They don’t have to make any extra effort to play the game and this is the way I got extra 8 ball pool coins.

How to install the mod apk?

You will need to download the latest version of 8 ball pool mod apk.

After downloading it, an option of installation will come, but you will be asked to grant permission for downloading from unknown sources. Give the permission and

install the apk like any other app on your phone.

After you have installed and opened the app, grant the necessary permission for the app to work.

The 8 ball pool is compatible with any android device of 4+ version and above. It will not work on Jellybean or any version below. It should be not rooted. Using the hacks one can also easily compete against the computer.

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